Company Secretarial

Private companies are no longer required to have a Company Secretary. However there are a number of duties and responsibilities which a company is required to undertake which are best undertaken by a Company Secretary. 

A company is required to have a formal address, the Registered Office.  We provide this service at our address. We scan and email correspondence received promptly to ensure you aware of the correspondence.

Companies are required to keep a number of Registers, including a Share Register. We can set up and maintain share registers and make the necessary online submissions for new allotments and changes. We can also produce share certificates for all of the shareholders of your company.

CC Secretaries Limited, a company owned by Cameron Cunningham Limited, can be appointed Company Secretary.  In this capacity we can maintain registers, file documents, assist with board and members’ meetings and file the completed returns online to Companies House when necessary. 

We also offer an incorporation service and can file most forms very quickly online.