Entrepreneurial Services

It is very important to consider the tax optimisation of both the business and the individuals owning it together to ensure this is aligned. Cameron Cunningham specialises in providing advice to entrepreneurs to assist them in meeting their objectives in a tax efficient manner. 

We have particular experience in:

  • Ensuring where possible that funds received from investors qualify for relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS and SEIS). This reduces the costs and risk for the investor by making the investment more attractive and so advice is required to ensure the relief can be obtained.  We also prepare and manage advance assurance applications to ensure that prospective investments will qualify for EIS relief.
  • Implementing and advising on share option schemes to ensure that these are as tax efficient as possible. This will include ensuring the options qualify under the Enterprise Management Incentives Scheme when possible, and advising on any steps necessary to achieve this together with agreeing valuations with HMRC..
  • Advice on methods to extract funds from companies tax effectively by way of dividend, remuneration and other methods as appropriate. It is important to consider the impact to the company as well as the tax position for the recipient.
  • Structuring to maximise the availability of Entrepreneurs’ Relief. Entrepreneurs Relief can reduce the rate of capital gains tax on the disposal of a business from 28% to 10% on the first £10m of gains (over an individual’s lifetime).  A potential tax saving of £1.8m is available and therefore it is essential to structure the business to ensure this valuable relief is obtained.
  • Identifying and mitigating the effect of the Employment Related Securities (ERS) Legislation which seeks to tax gains arising from increases in value of shares and other securities as income.