International Tax Planning

Many businesses and individual have operations in more than one jurisdiction and the interaction of different tax legislation in each jurisdiction needs to be understood. Cameron Cunningham have much experience in advising on cross border activities, including methodologies to support transfer pricing between group companies and on how best to optimise the global taxation of a business.

We also assist companies with structuring themselves globally to meet their commercial needs and to identify and mitigate tax liabilities which arise.

Businesses commencing operations in another country need to consider whether their activities in that country create a tax able presence. It is necessary to look at the local rules and practice working with local advisors and how the double tax treaty (if there is one)with the UK will impact this. We are able to advise on the status of such activity in the UK if a business is starting activity there, or in other jurisdictions, with support from local advisors.

There is now a statutory residence test for individuals which makes it easier to have certainty about whether someone is UK tax resident of not. We have experience in reviewing  this and also the impact of double tax treaties which may override domestic legislation.