Residence and Domicile

We are able to advice on an individual’s tax residence status including:

  • the Statutory Residence test (SRT) which now provides more certainty on determining an individual’s residence status.
  • The interaction with Double Tax Treaties which can override domestic legislation in the UK and in the other country.

We also advice non-UK domiciled individuals on how this status can be beneficial. Particular aspects which we advice on include:

  • whether the Remittance Basis Charge (RBC) of £30,000/ £50,000 is payable for adult longer term UK residents.
  • How to benefit from the exemption for commercial investment in UK qualifying businesses so that funds can be paid to the UK without tax liabilities arising.

We are able to advise on how best to structure offshore income and gains for individuals and offshore companies and trusts to mitigate tax liabilities.